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PPC Case Studies

Local PPC Campaign Case Study 6/16/2014


Recently we created a brand new PPC campaign for one of our clients who happens to be a local pest control company. We used a very laser targeted ad group structure that allowed for a very high quality score and a extremely low cost per conversion. We created ad groups for each city for a total of 180 ad groups in less than one business day with the help of our Excel savvy staff. The conversion rate of the campaign is averaging over 39 percent since we launched. We are going to be updating this page after 90 days to show the campaigns performance with a bigger data sample but so far we are hitting a grand slam! The conversions are tracking phone calls and form submissions that occur when Google visitors find the website solely. Before working with us, he had no idea how his campaign was performing and the only reports he got from his SEO company were keyword rank reports… The client now has his own reporting dashboard which is easy to access and available 24 hours a day with real time reporting!

Large budget PPC campaign PPC Case study ($200k + per month)

Looking for a company that you can put confidence in when handling your large budget PPC campaign? Let our team of experienced campaign managers analyze your current PPC strategy to point out what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right with a free website analysis. We can help you get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to CPC advertising, don’t let a bad experience ruin your outlook on PPC advertising, IT DOES WORK! You just need a team that knows that they are doing to manage your pay per click campaign! We have the experience needed to efficiently increase your conversion rate and ROI regardless of the type of industry you’re in. We have plenty of case studies like this one that indicates we can improve campaign performance for large budget accounts like this one! We took this client on that sells heating and cooling parts and within 3 months we were able to increase their PPC conversion rate by over 50% the client has since then doubled his budget because the ROI is there to justify it! We setup ROI tracking dashboards that allows the executives at the company to track ROI in real time!


Small business PPC campaign case study


Regardless of the size of your budget, each client gets the attention they deserve at The Power Up Web design. Here is a case study from a smaller budget campaign ($3,000 per month on pay-per-click) that we are managing after he cancelled with his last PPC management company. We created a brand new campaign from scratch for him because the last marketing company was holding the campaign hostage. We created a campaign for him that has a very granular ad group structure based on cities through out Massachusetts. Just how we target city specific pages to show up for keywords like “SEO Boston” and “Marshfield SEO Company”, we recommended taking the same approach to our client. The conversion rate so far from the PPC campaign has averaged at just over 20% meaning, for every 10 visitors, at least 2 turn into a interested potential customer which is a great rate of conversion. Typically, a five to ten percent conversion rate is considered great for serviced based sites and for eCommerce shopping sites, you’re lucky if you can break a 2% conversion rate most of the time.